MophoGUI is a VST3 plugin which allows you to edit the program parameters on a Dave Smith Instruments Mopho synthesizer module from within your DAW. All hardware parameters can be automated, modulated, and/or assigned to hardware controllers, just as you would with a software synth. There are also windows for storing and retrieving programs and for editing Global Parameters.

The Program Banks Window
The Global Parameters Window


At the moment, this plugin is only fully-functional in Cubase from Steinberg (version 10 and later) and Reaper from Cockos (version 6 and later). It is only compatible with 64-bit hosts (Windows OS only).


Simply download the .zip file and extract the .vst3 file into a folder on your computer where you store 64-bit VST3 plugins.

MophoGUI (Version 1.0.0) 64-bit (.zip file)

There is a PDF in the download folder that explains how to set up tracks for using the plugin in Reaper and in Cubase. Or you can watch this introductory video:

Source Code

MophoGUI was programmed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 using the Juce 6 Framework.
I have made my project files freely available on GitHub:

The MophoGUI plugin and the code for it are provided “as is” without any warranty, and all warranties, whether expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for purpose, are disclaimed.

The code in the Source folder of this project is open-source and you are free to use it however you see fit under the GPL v3 license. However, please credit Mister 1-2-3-4 Programming if you make use of substantial chunks of this code in your own project(s), and do not redistribute the code or the built plugin without permission. Also, if you find the plugin or code useful, please consider making a donation to support further development!

Version History

1.0.0 (latest) – First official release! Revised the Program Banks window so that there are now three read-only Factory banks holding the program presets that originally shipped with the module, and three Custom banks where you can store your own programs. Modified the controls for parameters with pitch values so that they will increment in 1-octave steps if you hold down the SHIFT key while changing them.
0.3.0 – Made significant changes to the look and feel of the plugin; changed how the background graphics are rendered, embedding them as static image files rather than generating them programmatically; replaced the font for the control value displays and embedded the typeface data in the plugin; added the ability to directly select an oscillator’s wave shape by holding down a number key and clicking the shape knob.
0.2.0 – Revised how the paths for the LCD characters in the Program Name display are built. Minor code clean-up.
0.1.0 (“Preview Release”)