P-600-G Updated to Build 1.0.1

P-600-G Revised Randomize Program Settings Dialog

I have uploaded a new build of P-600-G VST3 which makes some cosmetic changes to the Randomize Program Settings dialog: unlocked controls are now tinted red and I eliminated the “open lock” icons so that the parameter values are not obscured as they change. Apart from that, functionality is the same. Get the new version on the P-600-G VST3 page.

P-600-G Demonstration Video

As a use-test of the P-600-G VST3 plugin, I created this cover of “Betrayed in the Octagon” by Oneohtrix Point Never. It uses only sounds generated by the Prophet-600 analog synthesizer enhanced by various effects boxes and plugins. In this video, I scroll through the Reaper project to reveal the various audio and MIDI tracks that were used to recreate the song, and at the end the P-600-G program settings for each voice are displayed.

New Plugin in the Works: P-600-G

I am at work on another editor/librarian VST3 plugin, this time for use with the Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 analog synthesizer from 1982. It’s a relatively simple instrument, so I expect to have it done within the next month or so. I am also planning to add parameter randomization functionality to this plugin, and I will probably update MophoGUI and Matrix-6G to include it as well.