MophoGUI Updated To Version 0.3.0

I have made some significant changes to the MophoGUI VST3 plugin, most noticeably to the look and feel of the interface. I more closely mimicked the front panel of the hardware by changing the typeface of the control labels to Futura and adding a yellow “bullseye” graphic to the background. I changed the font for the control value displays to Overpass Bold by Delve Withrington and embedded the typeface data in the plugin. I also gave the red utility buttons a fancier bevel effect.

There is a major change to how the background graphics and buttons are rendered as well: instead of generating them programmatically every time the editor window is opened, I created static .png files for them and embedded them as binary data in the plugin.

Finally, I added some functionality to the oscillator shape knobs: if you hold down a number key and then click the knob, it will go directly to a shape (0 = Off; 1 = Sawtooth; 2 = Triangle; 3 = Sawtooth / Triangle Mixture; 4 = Square, i.e. a Pulse with a width of 50).

You can download Version 0.3.0 for free here.

MophoGUI Updated To Version 0.2.0

I’ve made some “under-the-hood” changes to the code for the MophoGUI VST3. Mostly just minor clean-up, but I did make significant changes to the way the LCD characters in the Program Name Display are rendered, making the process a tad more efficient. The new version is available for download here.