Matrix-6G Progress Update

I’ve gotten all the controls for editing the Matrix-6R’s voice parameters coded and operational. I also discovered a problem with the control labels in the GUI: I realized that the fonts I’m using were not encapsulated in the plugin – the labels would be completely messed up when the plugin was opened on a computer which doesn’t have those fonts installed. I hadn’t noticed this with the MophoGUI because it uses Arial, which is a pretty common font. Anyway, I figured out how to embed the font data in the plugin and now all the type will render correctly on any computer. Huzzah!

MophoGUI Updated To Version 0.2.0

I’ve made some “under-the-hood” changes to the code for the MophoGUI VST3. Mostly just minor clean-up, but I did make significant changes to the way the LCD characters in the Program Name Display are rendered, making the process a tad more efficient. The new version is available for download here.